Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let's Talk About New Beginnings and Social Media!

Nyob zoo! (Hello! in Hmong)

It has been too long my lovely blogger friends :)
As of late, I haven't been able to put words down on paper or rather find the time to do so, but, 
I have started managing my time more effectively and I managed to fit Blogging on my timetable! 

I don't want to overwhelm who ever is reading this so I'll keep it short. 
I'm still me. 
Still the same Sara. 
I graduated and am studying Architecture. 
I'm back in Australia. 
I learned to play the ukulele. 
I'm still talkative. 
I am still addicted to tea, although coffee has crept up and I'm addicted to that as well ;)

Even though I might not be present on my lovely Blog and talk to all you amazing people, I am still here!
I don't use twitter as much anymore, only to share some things. 
But I do have:


Until next time ;)

I hope you enjoyed the video up the top as much I did!
The singers' name is Laura who is 17 and lives in Australia. She teaches herself to play the 
guitar and sing. She really enjoys what she does!

Here is her youtube channel: