Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's Talk About Quicksand

नमस्ते! (Hello! in Hindi)

I have no doubt that the world’s top bloggers are busily writing away all their dreams and hopes of 2013 and their conclusion of 2012. I am too going to be busily writing away about the New Year; I too am sucked in the quicksand of popular writing topics.

And so I will start with the popular question on everybody’s blogger of ‘What will 2012 be remembered for?’ the silence after the battle or maybe the calm after harmony? What was a more common; undertakers or midwifes? I can’t write on behalf of 6,973,738,433 people, but I can write on behalf of myself.

I will remember 2012 as being a year of change, a year that I have learned so much from and I say this without the need to exaggerate. You cannot label a year as being either good or bad, a label as powerful as this would mean that the other never happened. Assuming 2012 was a bad year, it would mean that nothing ever good happened in the 365 days, 8765 Hours, 525948 Minutes and 31556926 Seconds. Not even making new friends or an A+ in a midterm paper or a cookie that is master chef-worthy or even a simple smile from a complete stranger.
Christmas Tree in the City in December

What was the reason of starting a blog? It is this reason that I should take you back to my first post which is titled “Let's Talk About Beginnings” and that is exactly what I did, talk about beginnings.
So I will answer the next popular question on everybody’s blogger of “What changed in 2012?” What change have I committed? Let’s start with my English, it was devastating, even in less than a year, it was devastating. My attitude towards my life can be many things today, but I will never refer to it as being ‘boring’ ever again. Let’s hope anyway! I have not changed my ability to make people happy; to cheer anybody up nor have I changed my love for music.  I went to Iraq; traveled to the south and the north not forgetting the middle. I was home-schooled and learned to be self-sufficient, organized and motivated. I started a Blogger, Twitter and Tumblr and made so many friends. I am more educated in politics and religion thanks to these social Medias.

The City on New Year's Eve/Day
What about 2013? What will happen in the New Year? Many have resolutions for the New Year and I think that is a terrific idea.  I made some goals in a post I made titled ‘Let’s Talk About Goals’. I think many thought it was a post about football or something. I was jumping topics in that post and I don’t know if anyone understood a word I had said. Nonetheless I had goals! Here is a quick copy of my 2013 New Year’s Resolution too.

  • Eat health. Even though I do, most of the time, eat healthy, I am starting to be slack.

  • Iman or Faith. Aim to pray 5 times a day and READ THE QURAN! MUST! MUST! MUST!

  • School. Get a good ATAR or university entrance score so I can… you know… enter university at least! Aha aiming for architecture.
  • Finance. Make a budget and not throw away money in the sea so to speak.

I guess that is all I’ve got right now.

I realize not many would be reading this for I haven’t written in a long time and many had forgotten who I am anyway, but that is no reason for me not to love you all anyway. It’s like an anonymous vibe sent from a little blog in a little corner of the World Wide Web and I have filled this vibe with hugs and 

I wish you, whoever is reading this, a fantastic year filled with love and hope.

Sunset at home

 The song at the top:

Dark Phantom’s idea began in Kirkuk, Iraq late in 2007. The impression was to reach their dreams in western music and to express the inferior circumstances in the city, and explain it to the universe. But things wasn’t able to progress, due to the bad situation in Iraq, and that lead to postponement of forward progress and a period of hibernation, for their safety.
This was for survival, without any developments in the level of art.
In 2008, the band was able to start up again and started rehearsal, despite all the dangers. Death was a consequence, of being caught playing this music in an Al Queda controlled situation. It was a volatile situation.
Dark Phantom could then, hardly compose their first song, before there was a decline in the band's musical direction. They turned to cover songs, and, at the same time, worked on original music.
There was a lot criticism in the Iraqi arena, to the band's music after the war, but the band was still looking to faith and hope, to guide them in what they believe – that music, itself, means life.
In 2009, the band managed to have a birth of their own music, by starting to write the first songs after many months in rehearsal. The final result was good, but no one regarded it. The band started to find ways to rerecord it, but unfortunately needed lessons in audio technique. After some instruction and added new hardware and software, the band continued preparation for more songs, and they set to make their first album.
At first, it took a while to figure out the name of album. They settled on "Beta ".
In 2010, the band played their first concert in the city of Kirkuk. It was unforeseen, that under the same circumstances (volatile aggression, anti-metal music “laws”, etc.) a crowd came to see them and news of event rocked the small city.
After the success of that gig, the band returned again to their studio to finish the album that they promised to their new fans.
After a lot of demand from the fans on the band's Facebook page for a second concert, in 2011, Dark Phantom was ready, but there was another situation that made it impossible. Terror groups and their allies began threatening to close all the of band's pages on the internet. The band was also warned, again, to stop their activities, or else.
Now, in 2012, Dark Phantom’s members return to work on the final touches of their album. Now, as they finish it, they still struggle for local and worldwide promotion, and are awaiting the day that their dreams become reality, through their faith and hope in humanity.