Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let’s Talk About Goals

 Sveiki! (Hello in Lithuania) 

It’s one of those days when I looked in the mirror, and I realized something. Something that is, that is true, that is real, something that has always been there but I’ve pushed to the furthest reaches of my mind, chose not to bring up from my subconscious.

It’s like Michael Jackson. I knew MJ was a great artist, I’ve listen to his music constantly, but it was only when he died did I speak about him consciously. something so great as his name was left out cold in my mind.

It’s like that time when I was playing a game with my dad in grade five. It was a game where I drew a huge picture with lots of swirls and twirls, lines and dots, faces and flowers, love hearts and names. The page was filled. The game was, one of us had to add another addition to the page, and the other had to study the page and guess which doodle was added. It was my dad’s turn to add something and it took me forever to fine what was added to the page. I searched through the circles and dots and names and sketches and ever bludge on that page torn from that 1996 diary. Nothing. Turns out, it was so big, that I didn’t even notice that it was added! Again, something so  large such as MJ and my realization was left oblivious, ignorant, unaware by my conscious. I’m not going to tell you this came as a shock, because I knew these things existed, I saw them with my own eyes, they keep repeating themselves to me. But they were trapped at the back of my mind, hidden by my unconscious.

So, I should tell you what I realized before you change the page and go to another more interesting blog, not saying you shouldn’t of course, just that you should finish this first ;) SO! what is it then??
It’s my future. What will happen then. I think about my past constantly. My present is what it is; a present. But my future. What will happen? Only Allah knows, that is true, but don’t you ever wonder? I realized that I am in the eye of the storm, the turning point, the events that are happening now in my life will depend on the rest of my life. My goals, my dreams most importantly my education. I realize this and now I will make goals. Not for New Years Revolutions, but for The Start of new Year’s (That means many years, not just one year. Gettit? Cliché, I know )

  1. Finish school to the best of my extent, no excuses! 
  2. Be/Stay religious (including Fasting, Praying and Giving oh and Reading)
  3. Everyday, give someone a Smile, and a big Sara Smile not a Small Shy Sara Smile.
  4. Say Thank you sincerely, and Thank You not Thanks or Ta, although it’s all the same, but Thank You stands out more.
  5. Sorry is important too.
  6. Make everyday goals, like clean bed room or cook dinner.
  7. Find out what you want to do in 10+ years. Like in uni.
  9. Excuse my Number 8 it’s meant to be lucky in Beijing, China. Remember the 2008 Olympics? 8/8/2008? Best Opening I reckon. I’m sorry, but I didn’t enjoy the 2012 London Olympics very much. They left me saying “That’s it??!” at the end. Seriously, it was so boring! But did you see Iraq strut their stuff? I have to be honest, I didn’t see every country, as beautiful as they may be, 200 and something countries is too much for one sitting. But the African countries was fantastic with their national dress, omg. I swear, if I had that uniform, I would be too $wag for J. Bieber. Okay, ignore the last one, but the uniforms were the Fan to the Tastic! 
    I'm proud of lots of things like my attempt at Arabic and my Puff Pastry Meat Pie, but I really am Proud of the Iraqi Flag Holder whose name I don't know :)
  11. Go to the next or the next, next Olympics. 
Courtesy of
Iraq 2012 London Olympics. They look great :)

That’s it. All I got right now. Any other additions to my list will be most appreciated! … If you got this far. :)

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 The song at the top is an original by the beautiful Kina Grannis. Great voice. Follow her, support her, love her. These are her links!

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