Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's Talk About Food

Bonjour! (Hello in French)

I believe that we live to eat. Especially if I made it. And of course if I don't take a picture of a piece of cooking, and I fail is stopping the whole family eating before I take the picture, we have to make the same thing tomorrow. I don't know why; call me a #Foodogrpher but I love to take show off our culinary stuff.

This is Zayn Al Abideen. This soup has everthing in it. 2011
We made soooo much last year. 2011
My cousins and I gave out pots of this soup to neigbours and family members.

This is chicken with potatoes. My two favourate things in the whole eating world. (Nearlly) (After chai and chocolate ;) 2012

My grandma made cubat bwrghal yesterday. It was great! 2012, Yesterday.

2 days ago, we made kletcha, the secret ingrediant being OIL!! My grandma used dihin hwr wich is like butter but thick oil I guess.

Kletcha making!

My untie makes the best sized kletch with all kletchat being the same size.

This is for kletcha with sugar, not dates, inside the dough. We didn't use these the other day, but we did a couple of months ago.

Dates or tamor, is added inside the dough.

My job is putting holes in the kletcha so that they won't puff up while cooking. I also put eyes ontop to give colour.

FINISHED! Tasted great!!

I made this with my cousin a couple of months ago. I put chopped up kewi fruit, apples, oranges and bananas in a bowl. I added yogurt and honey and mixed it all together. Then served it in glasses. She didn't like it so I ended up eating the whole thing. But trust me, it's reallllyyyyyy good and rally healthy as well. She was probably just used to junk food and so this wasn't for her. So, techniqully, she would of liked it. :) Coz I made it ofcourse.

Every Friday (or was it Thursday?) we make fish. This was in winter. Mum fries the best fish I swear.
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I was bored and angry at the time, so I took out all the seeds from this watermelon. Looks good right?

My uncle makes the best pizza.

I LOVE eggplants. Mum was making Baba Ghanoj. You put the eggplant in the oven and let it cook with NO oil. Tak out all the inside bits and mush it in a bowl, so you leave out the skin. Add garlic and yogurt and blend together in a blender or just with a spoon. Then eat it.

What my uncle put in the pizza. He even put squash in it! Tasted great though.

These pictures on the bottom are of Layla's recipe that I made yesterday. It is green tea, mint, lemon and a touch of sugar. I didn't have lemon so I used another type of citris called raring. I added ice cubes but being 30C+ country, I just put it in the refrigerator to cool because it will never cool with only ice cubes. If you are to make this enjoy it but a small prayer to Layla and her family is very much appriciated :)
She is a charming arab woman whome (in my opinion) writes what many arabs think and are afraid to say. Her poetry is deep and meaningfull and her food should replace Manal Al Alam. Click her name for Manal's site ;)

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