Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's Talk Photography

Ahoj! (Hello in Czech)

I take lots of pictures nearly everyday of my life (literally). But I just keep them stored on my computer and never really LOOK at them. Here is my chance to shine with my great photography!! Enjoy :)


This is the Cornesh. Tigris River. Taken from my dad's Iphone. 2012

I took this picture near the Tigris River. This was for my photography class hence the text. 2012

Tigris River again. 2012

Drive to Mansur, Baghdad. 2011

Mum took this in the plane of the Tigris River in 2008.

Man wearing traditional South Iraqi clothing in Emsayab, Hila. 2011

Tigris River ... again.

I took this on the plane of the airport in Baghdad, 2011

This is ... wait for it... Tigris River!! Bet you didn't see that coming ;) 2012

I love this dirt covered flower. We've been through a lot together... 2012

Neighbourhood carpenter. Notice the electricity lines. 2012

I think every Iraqi household has this type of swing. 2012

The legendary muwalida. It was off at the time, I know this because if it was on, there would be water spilling onto the road.

Beautiful house in Baghdad 2012

Beautiful rubbish right in front of beautiful house in Baghdad. 2012.

Flowers from garden. 2012

I feel like we're eating a garden... :) 2012

Shar3 Mutanabbi. شارع المتنبي. This street is named after the 10th century classical Iraqi poet Al-Mutanabbi.

Shanashel in Rasheed Street.

Old Iraqi Money in Mutanabbi street.

You can't escape the power lines in Baghdad.

Mutanabbi street is a historical street known for its book stalls both out door and indoor.

Every book you can think of.

Not only books, but food, stationary, tourists and much more in this legendary street!

Interviews from T.V stations is normal here. People taking pictures everywhere.

This is in You-Know-Where. Yes, Tigris River.

I take pretty good pictures of Tigris River, but the true is, it is filthy with bottles and even plastic bags! Fish, scorpions, frogs and other animals get stuck and die due to the infected waters. Sad really.
Iraqi fishers on the banks of Tigris River.

Rubi, The Lebanese Drama on MBC4. We watch it so much, that I think she is apart of our family now.

The song that I have on the top is one of the greatest (in my opinion) Iraqi song of all time. Enjoy it please. I don't have any links this time, not sure if Nazem El-Ghazali has a facebook, twitter, tumblr or YouTube channel. :)