Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let's Talk Arabic

 Hej! (Hello in Swedish)

Every time I go to a new place, I take my camera and just take pictures of whatever my eyes see. 

Today, I feel like writing in Arabic, although I'm not very good at Arabic. I apologise to my English readers, can you Google translate this? :)
اني عراقيه. اني عندي كاميره, و اني استعمله.
اني عندي درس مال صوار. اني اعيش في بغداد, فى اصور بيتي

هايه الصوره مال نخله يم بيتي. كانت اكو عجى. كلينه سمك. بس مانكدر نتنفس ليعن الجو كوله تراب
يالله شنسوي؟ سحلوحه و حيتا تتسحا

هاثه ال كورنيش مالتنه. دجله. حلو مو؟

Okay, that took me forever to write! I'm sure that I have many typos and words which don't make sense. I'm not great at Arabic, but I'll get there... eventually. Let's face it; my English spelling isn't too posh either! If you read my other posts, you would notice typos and words which don't make sense because I made them up :)

 This cover of Just a Dream by Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie and Kurt originally by Nelly, FANTASTIC! Really, I recommend you check out their stuff! I love covers like this but the other covers that I found on their channels will surely blow your mind, like my mind did just then: p