Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let's All Give to the Poor

你好! (Hello in Chinese)

Maroon 5 - Payphone (Cover by Natalie Ahmad)

Yay! I figured out how to put the video on the blog! anywayss

What's the weather where you live? Is it too hot? Or too cold? Maybe just right. What? How's the weather where I live, I hear you ask? It’s okay... considering that I am very fortunate to have electricity, air con and a cooler. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am.
NOT complaining :)

The poor have no choice but to beg. There's not much we can do to change the government's mind, but instead let's donate at least the minimum. Maybe spare change or even a small prayer might do the trick.

Why should you help Iraqi's? Well why not? Humans are humans and giving to Iraqi's is the same as giving to Mexicans or maybe Albanians or maybe Egyptians or maybe YOUR country :) You can CHANGE THE WORLD :) no seriously you can.

I took the time to gather some sites that you might and SHOULD have a look at.

This is a group that I came across on Facebook. They do some really great stuff to get the word around and they have great success stories. You should HAVE A LOOK.

Most of you may be familiar with TED and TEDx. I absolutely LOVEEE TEDx and the founder Richard Saul Wurman (Click his name for Facebook page). TEDx isn't necessarily for poor people, but it is an organization to spread ideas to make a better country. There is also TEDxErbil, TEDxWoman and soooo much more. You should HAVE A LOOK.

This campaign involves only your name to be signed in a petition to show the support for a better future. It is run by a group of Volunteer Students who I am sure are very dedicated to bringing hope to children of Kurdistan. I think I was the 243rd person to sign, now there are 371 signatures, how about YOU make it 372? soooo you should HAVE A LOOK.

WOW I only got 3 sites. There are more trust me, but in each of these three sites, I couldn't help but flip through the taps and stories. They are so inspirational and if I'm inspired then so will you when you finish reading this post and click the links (if you hadn't already) and SAVE THE WORLD :)

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The song that I added for today is another cover by a lovely girl by the name of Natalie Ahmed from beautiful Jordan who happens to live in Malaysia! I liked this cover because you can see her love for singing through her voice. I feel like she would be singing even if nobody liked her videos. (Which is never because PLENTY of people LOVE her videos and me included)

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Have a GOOOODDDD day :)