Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let's All Be Grateful

 مرحبا (Hello in Arabic)

Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover)

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Before I started being homeschooled, I woke up at 8am, caught the bus at 8:45am and started school at 9:10am. I thought that was too early. I hated it. 
 Now that I am homeschooled, I wake up at 5:00am, eat breakfast at 5:45am and start school at 6am. I think that this life's way of saying "So you hate 8am starts to the day? What about 5am? What do you think of that?" nahhh I love it. really. Every sunrise of it.

Before year 11, I thought that my class was the hardest class in the whole world. "Year 10 is so hard", I would complain. "What's the point of school?" I would complain. 
Now that I am in year 11, WACE is introduced. My life is over!!! hahaha no no no I'm only joking :) WACE has helped me to take my learning into the fast lane and has forced me to deal with it! No, I think my teachers taught me that. I successfully stopped complaining thanks to my teachers who tell me forget the past and focus on my studies in the present :)
This is a photo I took on my dad's Iphone. Tigris River. 

Baghdad. Iraq. Quite the photographer aren't I? ;)
Before moving to Iraq, I thought "Australia is just a country, like any other." Normal streets. Normal stores and malls and shops. Normal people. Normal weather. Normal living conditions. Normal food. Normal. Normal. Normal. 
Now that I live in Iraq, I think Australia is NOT just a country and certainly not like any other. The streets are straight and bumpless. The stores and malls and shops are neat and in order The people have smiles on their faces Electricity and water is available Health and well being is put first The food is clean. BUT! Although I have seen the what I have taken for granted, I certainly do NOT take for granted what I have here in my Iraq. The streets might be a bit bumpy, but Kurdistan's streets are very straight, while in Baghdad you get a work out! The stores and malls and shops might be a bit messy but Kurdistan has very neat shelves, while in Baghdad at least you are forced to look at the whole store in case you have forgotten something :) I believe that there are 'good' and 'bad' people ALL over the world, wherever you go. Of course if you are friendly and have a big smile on your face, you will get along with everyone and won't encounter any 'bad' people. The weather is not in anybodies hands so don't complain! Not everyone is fortunate enough to have great living conditions, so always give at least the minimum, even if it's just a smile :) The food is yummy all over the world if you allow yourself to love it. Trust me. If you love something, it will love you back. If not, don't expect a hug back :) And so that is life. life. life.

I put 2 songs from the greatest cover band on the planet: Boyce Avenue <3